Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Replicate DVDs and CDs Professionally

CD replication becomes cost-effective when the minimum order is for 500 units and more. Naturally, as the order quantity increases the unit cost drops. Your CD replication order can be anything from 1000 to 1,000,000 CD ROMs. For CD replication the data is transferred to a glass master that is used for creating a metal stamp. This metal stamp is used to press the data into plastic injection moulds prior to coating the back surface with a reflective layer of aluminium. The laser of the CD player can now read it. The face of the disc can then be silk screen printed or litho printed directly using anything from one to six colours.

DVD replication is a more viable option in cases that need large storage capacities since DVD-ROMs can store 14 times more than the CD-ROMs. The DVD can contain data on one or both sides depending on whether it is DVD 5 or DVD 10. it can be dual-layer manufactured for increased storage space. DVD replication is useful since you can use the DVD format for inclusion of menus and chapter breaks as well as multiple audio tracks and sub-titles besides other technologies that are exclusive to the DVD format. Once the replication work is over the one-sided DVD can be silk screen printed choosing up to six colours. All the discs are industry standard at and manufactured within the EU so that you can be provided the best standards that are available in the market. The company has worked with companies such as Chevron and Lufthansa, EasyJet and Sky as well as the Intercontinental Hotel Group and the FA. You are assured of professional replication work at A1. 

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DVD Replication & CD Replication Process

Today, there are a variety of digital optical media duplication processes as well as methods like DVD replication, CD replication, DVD duplication, CD duplication and more. But not all methods can be understood well by a number of people. Their true nature is even now out of the understanding. Below are given a few essential and noteworthy differences that must be taken in with a view to opting for the best services of DVD and CD replication. Let’s get to know about them!

CD replication is a good place to get started with. Though some may get confused with it CD duplication, the process is very different and requires several other steps. The CD duplication includes the process of lesser writing of data onto CD-R media in commercially available multiple CD burners (quite similar to the ones you happen to notice your PCs or laptops).

When it comes to CD replication, first of all the data is sent to a glass master, thereafter the same is utilized to bring about a metal stamp, which pressurizes the data into plastic injection moulds. At the end, they undergo the coating of a reflective layer of aluminum so that it could be read by the laser of CD player.
This technique helps in the creation of many copies. It is for this reason; it has extensive use in the music industry. For smaller quantities, the method of direct duplication is considered as the best option to go for. Do keep in mind that CD and DVD replication needs many steps as compared to the duplication process as it includes several steps and wide. However, this is the most cost-effective way of creating a large number of copies of an optical disc.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CD Replication & CD Duplication: Best Way to Get Your Optical Media Copied

Services of CD replication and DVD duplication are widely rampant today. They are easy to avail and obtain. These services have assumed a role of great importance with the rising optical media in so many spheres of life like entertainment, business, advertising and marketing. No matter what type of solutions you are seeking for your business; whether it is dependable CD replication services or some cost-effective and fast DVD duplication, it is always better to pick the right company to get the job done efficiently and effectively. It is not hard to find somebody who can create multiple copies of a disc. Creating a professional and clean job of it could not be so. It needs extensive experience and expertise in such matters, and could be handled in best possible way only if there are best names of the CD replication and CD duplication world.

The first and foremost thing to be considered and remembered here is that the creation of multiple copies of a disc hardly ends up the story. Most of the companies, on the lookout for such services, are also in need of a range of other related services like mastering and re-mastering, data conversion, CD labeling & printing, packaging and more. That’s why, most of respectable and well-known service suppliers bring in a complete variety of services to handle or cater to all such requirements in a detailed manner.

There are many ways in which an optical media can be copied. Get in touch with your selected service provider, and discuss with the ways of arriving at the best possible means for your particular requirements. It’s worth remembering that replication and duplication are two very unique methods, and each consists of its pros and cons. So, before ascertaining what will best suit you, it is good to understand them. It will help you get your done in a best possible manner.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Most Efficient Duplication of CDs

There is a one-stop shop at that offers all services concerning the efficient duplication and replication of CDs and DVDs. These include not only CD duplication and DVD duplication services, but also CD and DVD replication, packaging, mastering and re-mastering besides video conversion and mastering as well as data and media conversion services.

The company based in the UK,, has directors that have had experience in some of the best companies such as Disney and National Geographic. The company has full capacity to offer you comprehensive duplication options. You can have smaller runs and fast turnaround for your CD duplication and DVD duplication requirements. The quality control procedures are rigorous and the equipment used for duplication is well-maintained and regularly calibrated thereby ensuring that your discs are of highest standards. The various services provided include screen printed CD and DVD, thermal transfer printing, high resolution inkjet printing and digitally printed surface labels.

The DVD printing and DVD duplication unit is now capable of providing the highest quality finish in the shortest time possible. The duplicated discs are laser-written and not manufactured thereby eliminating larger setup times. This is an option that is economical for the customer ordering quantities up to a thousand units as well as projects requiring a fast turnaround. The inkjet printers used offer vivid colour reproduction as well as excellent resolution that are finished with either a glossy or a matte lacquer for long life. There is also a new range of services that is focused towards USB flash drives. The company now offers blank and preloaded flash drives that can be customised with your company’s logo. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Replicate Old Storage Media into Latest CDs and DVDs

Old memories are special to everyone. With the advent of new technology it was particularly helpful in storing these memories on a particular form of storage media like VHS tapes, compact disks, digital video disk (DVD) etc. People from all walks of life who are either running their own businesses or are just another person who likes to capture every moment of happiness in some form or the other. CD replication is one way through which you can recreate and spread the cheer of those moments amongst your near and near ones. If you like to enjoy more detailed audio and video of your recorded videos you can also go for DVD duplication services.

If you are an entrepreneur and like to use the CDs and DVDs to spread the message and awareness about your organization to the masses, CD replication is a great way to do that. You can give your master CD for replication to organization who has years of specialization in CD replication to create a number of copies. Once the copies are created these CD and DVD duplication services providing organizations can also be contacted to create the right packaging for these CDs or DVDs too. If you want all these services for your business also you can go on the website of and ask them for their services. There is a wide variety of special offers available on their website for both bulk orders and individual orders that you can choose from according to your requirements.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CD Duplication and DVD Duplication: Affordable Technique for High Profits

The modern technique of CD duplication means the copying of content from one CD into another, without compromising on quality. The most inexpensive and extremely simple method is meant for more personal than professional use. The process can be easily afforded by the customers who remain on the lookout for a small run of discs. This process is recommendable especially for units not more than 1,000. The technology mainly helps create personal music CDs, CDs of movies, DVDs creation.

CD duplication and DVD duplication keeps high importance for the businesses like entertainment, education, information technology, etc. Though not a rocket science, it can be best delivered by the professional CD/DVD duplicators, who are on high demand these days, thanks to their quality services. These professionals can do easy and hassle-free handling of thousands of units in a single business day and thus complete your entire project in a very short period of time. Besides, they also ensure the compatibility of the duplicated discs, and offer other services like packaging and delivery at unbeaten prices. And the most important thing about them is that they keep your sensitive business information protected, along with respecting your privacy.

The expert professionals conduct a thorough checking of the data before getting started with the process of CD duplication and DVD duplication. They make the CDs and DVDs lubricant and could rejoin sections if needed. They also reduce noise, correct colour, and stabilize image in order to ensure perfect perfection. The services of CD duplication and DVD duplication render unprecedented level of accuracy in addition to complete safety of your sensitive data. On the whole, the techniques of CD duplication and DVD duplication have turned out to be a boon for the industries who want to gain high profits in future.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CD Duplication and Replication – For Original Quality Data at Low Cost

CD duplication is the most cost effective method, if you are looking for runs less than 500 units. It is usually referred to as burning and the process involves copying the contents of a single CD to a different disc with the help of a drive having write capabilities. The process is very similar to burning discs on your personal computer, just on a much larger scale. It makes use of high quality blank media to ensure that the original quality of data is not lost. If you are looking for large requirements of CDs, then you must opt for CD replication. This process is preferred for runs more than 1,000 units.

Advantages of CD Duplication & Replication 
CD duplication is a very fast process and the process can be finished within a few hours. There are no minimum quantities and it can be done with as little as 1 disc. CD replication involves manufacturing and pressing discs based on a master that is provided by the client. It is a very cost effective process for higher quantity orders as the cost automatically drops per disc. If you looking for a professional product and want to sell it to as many people as possible, then you must certainly opt for replication. The best place to search for reputed providers of the services of replication and duplication is obviously the internet. All you need to specify the quantity of discs and rest will be taken care of by the experts.

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