Sunday, February 21, 2010

Affordable CD packaging services in London

Packaging constitutes one of the key components of marketing-mix. It is a vital ingredient in the success of any product or business proposition. Packaging enhances the appearance of the product and increases its value. Professional CD packaging is the best way to ensure a remarkable impression in the minds of the customers. You can choose from a number of reputed providers of CD packaging services in London.

There are various providers who offer cheap CD packaging in London. Offering huge variety of standard as well as bespoke cheap CD packaging services (London), these providers help maximise the effectiveness of your products without much effort.

Be it bulk orders or small ones, they offer both safety and security of the data and information. You can choose from the options including the jewel cases, slim line cases, card and poly wallets and digi packs. If needed, the packaged order is delivered to you at your place.

If you are looking for CD packaging services in London all you need to do is just carry out a quick online search for the same. Besides packaging, some of these providers also offer CD/DVD duplication and replication, video conversion, data and media conversion and other services.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Excellent CD copier services with A1 Duplication

CDs and DVDs are now the preferred media of data storage and data sharing. Owing to the convenience and affordability associated with them, they are gaining reputation for large scale distribution and mass production. CD copiers enable individuals to make copies of CDs for variety of purposes. But, when one is looking for mass reproduction, packaging and CD and DVD recording on a large scale, it is advisable to seek the services of professionals. They have the reputation of doing the task efficiently thereby offering a professional touch and economies of scale.

Online service providers like, based in UK, are providing CD and DVD recording services at very competitive prices. These online service providers are known for their excellent CD copier software and state-of-the-art equipments. As a result, their clientele includes the who’s who from the world of media and music. They also cater to business houses and corporate looking for mass-scale duplication of their presentations, reports, manuals and training materials. The services include:

  • Duplication services that involves making copies from a master disc to scores of other discs without compromising on the integrity or the quality of the data

  • Printing services involving screen printing and Lithographic offset printing to achieve the maximum impact

  • Packaging services for the safety and preventability of the discs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

DVD Recording in the UK – interesting options available!

The technology of replicating DVDs and CDs has changed the whole face of music and entertainment industry. CD copiers have changed the pattern of music consumption. The technology has facilitated the easy replication of music CDs and DVDs and helped bringing down the cost to a large extent thus enabling the masses to afford their favourite music.

DVD Recording and replication stores offer these services at a very affordable and competitive price band. Moreover, before placing the actual order one may ask for free estimates and a sample of the actual finished product meeting all the specifications provided by the client and if the specifications are met then the actual order can be placed and executed. CD Copiers can provide quality replications at competitive prices and the cost varies according to the quality and quantity. DVD Recording and replication can be done from a mere 1000 copies to anywhere near 10 million copies.

These services can be accessed on line also and the prospective client can make clear his requirements along with the desired colour effects on the face of the disk along with the packaging and the mode of shipping.

All one needs to do is to search for a suitable service provider on line and the rest can be taken care of.